Sunday, September 18, 2005

*nEw cHaPteRs..diFfEreNt ePisOdEs..*

~wEeKeNd paYdaY! wOohOo!~

last week's the craziest. hehe!! kiddin'! it's been a nice week , all because of the payday!!!=) work-slash-training is ok, more free time than discussion. so i havent felt sleepy even if i only have few hours of sleep. im enjoyin' the company of my wavemates-slash-new found friends!=) anyway, for the last couple of days, well, since we had our pay, it's been our after-work habit to have breakfast at mcdo! it used to be just me, rizza & sheila but then dumami na kme! hehe! last friday, we had dinner at gerry's grill in ATC. as usual, im late again! blame it on morning's heavy traffic plus non-stop rain,i arrived home at almost 12 & have few hours of sleep! so there, i only have few pictures but i had the best tym of my life! hehe!

*sigh* i still couldnt believe im workin', i even cant believe that im holdin' in my hands now my pay! i know, im bein' sentimental! cant help it, it's my first real job! im soo soo blessed meeting wonderful people(my wavemates), a nice job, what more could i possibly ask for?! hmmm... a love life!hehe!=) whatever!=)

gotta boUnce!=)

~..hOpe this is nOt a drEaM..~

di ako mkatulog! waaah!!! addict sa internet kc! waaah!!!

damn,i miss HIM!!!
oi,paramdam ka...
u're so close, but still a world away! *sigh*
ang mga taong may TAMA nga tlga oh..
lumilipad ang utak..

imagine.."DISCLOSURE" lng di ko pa nsagot knina,patay na nman ako sa consequence mmya! wala akong kadala-dala! sayaw na nman cguro toh!

sna nman hindi ako nananaginip...pls...

song of mymp:

tlga nman..nkakabighani..
tlga nman..nkakagulat..
nkapagtataka,pagkat nsa isip..
nkakapanghinayang,sna maulit..

*tlga nman, nkakabigo
tlga nman, nkakalungkot!


panaginip, nkakabaliw..
nkikita nga, di nman ntatanaw!
talaga nmang hanggang doon na lang
ang pag-ibig na sana'y alay sayo'y...
talaga namang di na matutuloy! =(

emo na nman jho! tama na!=)
hirap ma-in luv..lalo pa kung hindi mo alam kung mahal ka ba nia..hehe! hinay hinay lang jho! =)
haaay..sna, di tlga ako nananaginip! sna totoo to! sna msabi mong gusto mo din ako..sna,hndi lang ako ang nkakaramdam nito! sna hindi ka panaginip! =)

++eNdingS & bEginNinGs++

Equifax wave 7 with our trainer Mac
cant believe it's our last day of CCT. *sob* =)

we got a lot of free time. the good thing was our celebration, we ordered pizza & chicken. some brought along food like goldiluck's buttered puto and macaroons *yummy* and buko pie as well. then we took pictures..haha!! lots of pictures. we had our class picture with mac too..=) the good news is that we had the 10pm to 6am shift for PST. haha,lucky us!=)

after our training, mishy & i went to johnmil at malate. we waited for kim there & of course kantahan to the max! dami ngang tao, may nagcelebrate kc ng birthday dun. hayy, totoy bibo ever! ang laswa!=) pero basta super enjoy. funny thing is that,somebody asked for my number, pampam! kim saved me,big tym!=) then we went home na! haaaayy! cyempre i wasnt able to sleep agad. went online pa! =) i slept at around 7:30. i dont know, i just passed out at here in the living room. the moment my back touched the sofa, Zzzzz's! =)


it's almost 8 in the morning. just got home at around 7:15.'s our first day of PST training today,oops make that last night.. cos our shift started at 10 in the evening then ended at 6 am today. not yet sleepy so went online. the 1st day of training's fine. we got nothing much to do. most of the tym kwentuhan lang w/ mishy & rizza..our trainer meg discussed the house rules. i had lunch w/dia, meddie and marie. we went to the floor, kwentuhan with the pioneer batch (wave1), tnignan lang nmen kung ano gngawa nila. hehe! they're nice nman! then for all we know, uwian na!=)

soo,.,i gotta catch some Zzzz's! a bit sleepy already!=)


~wHen iT rAinS, it pOuRs!~

im soooo happy!!! i passed the CCT training. *whew* before Mac,our trainer, announced the result, i was really nervous, actually all of us are nervous. you could feel the tension in the room. Mac explained that if all of us passed, she'd announced it right then and there, BUT if one or more failed, she would have to do it one by one. In our case, she said that.. she would have to do it one by one. So the tension grew stronger only for Mac to announce that she was just kidding and all of us made it! i dont know why but that moment, i was really teary-eyed! seconds later i was crying, haha..maybe because of relief, in plain words just tears of joy! i was even happier when i got my scorecard, cos all the while i was thinking that im not doing good in the training but turned out i got a fairly high mark of 92.50%! i cant believe that our group have only one day left for CCT at makati. *sob* i'll surely miss that insular building, and those crazy elevators! haha! i'll miss our trainer, Mac, cos she's soo nice & funny! i do hope our trainer at PST would be as nice & funny as her. i've never been bored all throughout the training cos of her. i've enjoyed the training soo much i'm really gonna miss it like hell..=c i'll miss our room (super lamig! *shiver*); the pantry; the vendo machine, that has lots of tofiluk & junk foods, really took care of our grumbling stomach! and the free COFFEE,,weeeh!! im not gonna miss that cos for sure there's free coffee at Alabang also! *wink* anyway, i dont wanna get mushy (as if!), i'm just soo happy.. truly..when it rains,it pours! i just feel soo blessed! thanks God, i gave it all back to you!=)

excited for the PST!!!*yipeeh*

ta-ta for now!=)

august 29, 2005 ; monday

not another monday. 2nd week of CCT. my day started out just fine. my best friend, mishy, made me wait for an hour at las piñas' city hall. only to find out that there's no office today because it's a goddamn holiday! it's was uber hot & there i was, waiting, thinking, mumbling to myself where she was. then when she finally arrived, we headed to paseo, grab a bite @ mcdonald's & off to work we go.=) it sounded boring. well that's because i wasnt tellin' you yet about the exciting part. since we're on our 2nd week of training we had our 1st OPE (oral proficiency exam). it was easy actually. you pick a card, you think about the question for 3 minutes & you answer for 3 minutes as well. what i got is not actually a question. it goes like: say something about a line of your favorite movie. i was thinking of that famous line "i dont wanna be adored. i wanna be loved." but then i opted not to choose that. for whatsoever reasons i dont know. what i remember was actually not a line from the same movie, if only, but it was actually written by jennifer love. it's something like: in a relationship there's always someone who loves more than the other. "oh God, i wish it wasn't me". after everything i've been through, explaining that line in front is easy. it's like im just tellin a story, my story. judging from the reaction of my co-trainees, i felt like they have learned a thing or two from what i've shared with them. and it's really a nice feeling, to get a reaction like that. grace even told me that she was teary-eyed, she almost cried. hearing that made me think that i must have been really strong to be able to overcome that. hihi!=) im so proud of myself!

soooo, i dont wna make a big deal out of it, im just satisfied w/ how i did in the OPE but i knew i could have done even better. i was kinda distracted cos of their reactions. hehe! but it's ok! All's well that ends well. ta-ta!=)

~thank God its Friday!!~

Thank God it's Friday!!! ayoko na po mag-english ha..give me a break!=) eh ayun,ok nman! training as usual! ok nga kc ang haba ng time nmen para magreview bago magquiz! hehe! kso ang lola mo,ewan ko ba..lumilipad ata ang utak! sabay dinaldal pa ni mishy, ayun bagsak! di ko nman dinibdib, mas knkabahan ako sa oral exam sa monday. *arrghh* tpos, ayun uwian, umuulan..wla akong balak gumimik, kso ang mgaling kong best friend na c mishy (again!) eh magaling magblack mail kya ayun larga na nman sa malate! sinundo kme ng tropa nya mlapit sa insular building. tpos kumain muna kme sa jollibee. ewan ko ba pagsakay pa lang ng car ni raymond eh wala na ata kmeng gnwa kung hindi tumawa. cmula pa lang yan ha. tpos derecho na kme sa soul degree. *inuman na!!!* sa loob ng halos apat na oras din ata un, sumakit na ang tiyan at panga ko sa kakatawa sa mga kwento ng tropa nila mishy, sa pangunguna ni kim! sobrang saya talaga! nakalimutan ko ung sinasabi kong emptiness nung kasama ko na cla. kase nman pakiramdam ko welcome na welcome ako sa kanila, na parang hindi na rin ako iba! nakalimutan kong nangungulila ako, nakalimutan kong malungkot ako. ang sarap lang talaga ng pakiramdam! haaaay!

kakagising ko lang around two p.m. sarap humilata sa kama! ang tagal ko din bago bumangon. kumain lang ako at heto nasa harap na nman ako ng computer. nagsusulat na nman. pano naman hindi ako naka-emote kagabi! hindi ko na nga naramdaman ang hilo ko sa sobrang tawa! pakiramdam ko tuloy di ako nalasing (hindi nman talaga!!) oh.ano na?! magddrama ka ba?! tang ina kase, bakit ko ba nararamdaman to! ok na ko eh..masaya nko sa life ko! nakamove on na ko sa nakaraan ko. eh bakit, i feel so empty?! para tlgang may malaking butas sa puso ko. nakakainis! nkakagago! ano pa ba hahanapin ko? may trabaho ko, madami akong nkikilalang bagong kaibigan, madami akong nakakasama... hay... cguro "siya" na lang talaga.

"*kung may kakayahan lang ang mga luha na sabihin ang mga dapat mong marining, habang buhay akong iiyak.. dahil may mga bagay na mata lang ang nakakakita at luha lang ang may kakayahang magpadama!*"

~jayceeh. crazy. fool.~

episode 1:
i h8 what i feel! i have everything i wished & prayed
for & yet there's this big HOLE inside me. this
terrible emptiness is eating me up, swallowing me
whole. is there any way i can be saved?!

episode 2:
no,i'm not fallin'!cant take the risk.i definitely
wont.there has to be some fall back.
remember a line from the movie "if only", it goes
something a relationship there's always
someone who loves more..(am i right?!) well
whatever! the thing is.. "Oh God, i wish it wasn't
ME!" (taken from the movie as well.)

*shakes head*
this is bullsh*t!

~workin' is dangerous to your health!~

im tired.
im soo tired.
im soo f*ckin' tired!
i wanna stay in bed & never get up again until i want to.
for the first tym in like forever, i wanna SLEEP.
this whole training thing for my J-O-B is sucking all my energy. im totally drained.
im goin' crazy. i can hear it in my head.

"duh DUH duh. DUh duh duh.
la LA la. LA la la.
cha CHA cha. CHA cha cha."

u wont get it idiot! it's a call center thingy. especially for convergys only!=)

can i use my vacation leave? pretty please!=)

oh,i didnt notice i was speaking & thinking in English.
believe me,at work,i am totally a scattered brain.
(luckily,a while ago,im not!i pretty much did great!) :p

am i makin' sense at all?

Image hosted by
just one more day..i cant wait til weekend!
you think its possible fo' anyone to sleep 2 whole days?
cos,i might!=)


Monday, August 15, 2005

++a series of fortunate events!++

aug.04,2005 ; thursday
its been a week since the last day of training & i've been goin' crazy! pretty much bored, got nothin' to do. i've been used to the training that's why im actin' this way! i've been missin' HIM that's the bottom line. good thing, misht & i planned to meet today at ATC to catch up on each other's life. we hang out at starbucks, drinking coffee while eating auntie anne's chocolate chips pretzels *yummy* and of course chikahan to the max! tambay din sa powerbooks!=) it's pretty much fun cos we talked about a lot of things. we both miss the training & our co-trainees! we'd make thursday as our official 'gimik' day! *lolz*

aug.11,2005 ; thursday
as i've said, thursday is our gimik day! hehe! as usual, mishy & i went to ATC despite the bad weather. kwentuhan to the max ulit! and, just when we were wondering why convergys haven't called us still, her cellphone rang. finally, it was convergys. im happy for her cos sh'll be having her final interview tomorrow. after, about 10 to 15 minutes, my cellphone rang as well. weeeh!!! im sooo happy! after two long weeks of waiting, eto na, final judgement na! hehe! its either we make it or break it! *wheew* have to pray really hard. hope all of us would make it..=)

aug.12,2005 ; friday
surprisingly, when i arrived at convergys, konti lang ang tao! kirk was already there while mishy is currently having her final interview. kwentuhan muna kme ni kirk. na-delay ung interview samin kc na-late ng dating c faith. im happy for my beshy (that's what i call my new best friend mishy) cos job offer na cia, that means nkapasa cia ng final interview. then, it was kirk & kuya ronel's turn. kuya ronel also made it! during my interview, i felt really comfortable & i know i was able to let faith know that i've improved a lot on the areas she told to improved on. well, unfortunately, for kirk & i, we would have to wait for a call for the result of the final interview. after our interview, we had lunch at mcdo! when we came back, mike, abbie, myrene & embert were there already. tpos na din cla sa final interview. tambay muna kme dun, kwentuhan to the max.. nakakamiss ung good old days during the training!we stayed at convergys til 7 cos mishy & embert had another interview. then, kirk, mishy & i went to ATC. we had dinner tpos nagpicture-picture kme for remembrance! hehe! ang saya tlga! i'll miss our group soo much! haaay...

aug.15,2005 ; monday
i was about to leave our house when i received a call from convergys, saying that i had another interview. well, it was ok cos i planned to go there din nman cos mishy asked me to. when i arrived there, ted, one of our co-trainees, was there with mishy. she had her jo offer already! then at around 6:15 pm, one of the HR staff, Yuki, asked me & ted to come inside the HR Dept., he kind of oriented us about what's the interview like & he was reassuring us that no matter what's the result of interview, we will have our job offer tomorrow. he was so nice that's why, di na din ako kinabahan about the final interview cos sure na ko with a job. nakakaflattered nga eh, kc Yuki told us na, kya daw kme may isa pang interview dahil ung account na un is one of the most important account of convergys & only the BEST of the BEST will make it to their shortlist.. haha.. di ba ang taray ng lola niyo! tpos aun, interview na, ok nman. ralph is nice nman & hindi cia nkakaintimidate. the result... I PASSED!!! grbeh,im soo hapi! imagine im in one of the best accounts! hehe! the good thing?! magkasama kme ni beshy on the same account, which is equifax! grabe, i couldn't ask for more! then, after that, mish & i went to festival mall, we have dinner at mcdo. ginutom kme preho. tpos, we went to cowboy grill, celebration lang! umaga na nga kme nkauwi, mga around 4 na me dumating sa bahay. partida, may job offer pa me tomorrow. hehe!

aug.15,2005 ; tuesday
punta d2 c joan rico. punta kc kme sa sfacs ngyon pra mag-ackaso ng TOR. b4 that, kinuha niya muna ung certificate ko dun sa ex ko. tpos derecho na kme sa sfacs. i m really in a rush cos i have my job offer orientation pa at 3. when i arrived at convergys, dun na cla heidi, angie, welah & ted sa room. haay, ang sarap ng pkiramdam knowin na may trabaho na me!=) after that, hinatid kme ni ted sa festival. kumain kme ni heids sa mcdo! then, nghiwalay na kme, nag-internet me sa netopia so i could get my pics na din. when i was on the way home mishy texted me, nasa malate kc cia with her friends, pinasusunod nga me eh kso i cant nman. *sigh* im soo hapi cos finally i have a job!=)

so, there, a series of FORTUNATE events of my life!=)


Sunday, July 31, 2005

~future perfect FUN~

the first week of training was nothin' but F-U-N! i've met a lot of new friends & sobrang cool ang mga co-trainees ko! summary of events for this week:

SONA. non working holiday but we had our training. Arggh!! daming absent! nkakatamad tuloy!=) pero di boring kc kachikahan ko c mishy! kain kme sa starmart! ksabay ko c mishy & embert pag-uwi!=)

discussion lang. after the training punta kme nila mishy, kirk at embert sa southmall. MCDO!!!=) kwentuhan to the max. ginabi na tuloy kme ng uwi!=) *tired*

topic: pronunciation of states & capitals. break. uwi c welah kc masama pkiramdam nia. kain kme sa 5th floor. Coffee w/mishy!=) nag games kme.. BOYS vs. GIRLS! talo sila sa first game, wahaha!! consequence nila pinagsaaw nmen cla ng ocho-ocho at spaghetti! kakatawa! pero nung 2nd game natalo kme..huhu! lagot kme sa consequence tomorrow! Tsk,tsk! after the training, punta me ng baclaran. ngkita kme ni mom dun, simba kme. tpos kain kme sa Mcdo!!=)
i fell in love --HARD!=)

late me..takot ako sa consequence eh!hehe!pero ok lang..dali lang consequence nmen. it's like a game as well, we have to do charades, guess the movie. pag nahulaan u're saved from the consequence pag hindi u have to dance the ocho-ocho! konti lang ngsayaw samin pano nhulaan nmen ung mga movies! weeeh!! dami ko nga nhulaan eh! ang saya! break..=) mOck simulation. lang, pra akong tanga! after the training, cnamahan ko c mishy sa convergys, dun kc c raymond at jeff, tropa nia, nag-exam. tpos punta kme sa ATC. kain kme sa greenwich. tpos derecho na kme sa festival. dun na me humiwalay sa knila. internet me saglit. pina-infrared ko ung pix ko. uwi. damn tired!

last day of training! nkakalungkot grabe! mamimiss ko ang grupo nmen! final assessment then nagkaroon ng open forum. break. sad tlga. usap kme ni welah. den, mock interview & discussion. "I LIKE THE WAY HE LOOKS AT ME!"
after the training, punta ang grupo nmen sa festival mall, la lang prang last gimik ganun! lunch muna kme. ako, mishy, kuya ronel & anthony sa kfc. the rest sa henlin. then, nagbilliard cla, tambay lang kme..un iba nauna na sa videoke. sumunod nlang kme dun. grabe, dito na tlga ung sobrang saya. halos naluluha na ako sa kakatawa sa amin, at halos naluluha na din dahil mamimiss ko to! nakakatawa nung kinanta nila ung 'totoy bibo', shucks,ang bibo talaga! pinasayaw nmen c kirk! asteeg tlga!! the best tlga ang grupong to sobra!! mamimiss ko tlga .. *sigh*
that was just the beginning, hehe! gumimik pa kme ni mishy! pinilit nia kc me sumama sa school nia, sa PCU. cyempre kwentuhan to the max kme while on the way! then, pagdating nmen dun, i met her friends na. tpos, nagpunta kme sa skinz (not sure eh!) cyempre inuman! hehe! nkakwentuhan ko c kim, sobrang nkakatuwa ung mga kwento nia.. tpos ngpunta kme sa johnmil, kumanta cla. grabe, 5 am na me nkauwi! pero ok lang, enjoy nman! =) internet me sglit! hehe!

grabe 4pm nko ngcng.. internet me. message ko c beshy (twagan mnmen ng newest best friend ko na c mishy), kc grabeh mappraning ako! mis ko na c *tooooottt*!!! Arrgghhh! tulog na nman me tpos internet ulit! hehe!!

grbeh..daming nangyari..feeling ko, im soo blessed meeting all of my co-trainees! kc ang dmi kong natutunan sa knila at sobrang nag-enjoy ako sa company nila. totoo tlga, u lose some, u win some! haay.. sarap ng feeling that i get to know new peeps! cant wait til our final interview at convergys, pra mksama ko ulit cla.. *sigh*
gotta bounce peeps!=)


Sunday, July 17, 2005

my busy ass.. *lolx*

summary of events for this week:

july11-i was interviewed again at tokyo tokyo.good thing i came just right on time.then,i wen to rob. pioneer,i had lunch at tokyo tokyo. the pork tonkatsu is sooooo Yummy!i'm soo full! went around national bookstore,check out books & i bought meg magazine.before i went home,i passed by metropoint mall in pasay rotonda.look for cd's & pc soo tired that the moment i got home i feel asleep! ARRGGH!! when i woke up,my sister, jhonie & i, went to sm to bought some of the stuffs she needs. i bought a cheek tint. haha!i had a long day. *whew!*

july12-woke up early again.went to makati.i waited for bheng in front of philamlife building.i had an interview @ psbank.we had lunch at mcdonald's.i'm soo hungry & the place was packed so we have to share seats w/other people. we waited there cos her friend from work will come with us. it started raining cats and dogs. we didnt accomplished anything worthwhile. we went to glorietta & sm makati just to roam around. we eventually went home w/ a not so heavy heart. we were all tired. long day. received a text message from tokyo tokyo. i'll have my exam tom.! *yawn*

july13-exam @ tokyo tokyo. it was ok. went to rob pioneer agen & grab a bite @ tokyo tokyo (again & again!!). cant get enough of pork tonkatsu & potato balls. have i said that tokyo tokyo has the best-est ice tea?! try it so u'll know! =p then,i had my pics transferred to a pc through infrared at netopia. went to baclaran to attend the novena. it was such a hot day,i wanna faint! *lolz* my mom & i bought a blouse for my sis. then we went to pc excellent in cubao. we bought a pc! yipee..=p i was able to catch oh!feel young soo i was hapi.. but extremely TIRED! the best news i ever received?! convergys called!!! i'll be having my training at future perfect on july 18. i wnna jump for joy! =p

july14-set up d new pc. it was fun. i proud that i was able to make it work. hehe! i feel a bit sick though. think im gonna have colds. *sob*

july15-im sick. i just sleep, sleep & sleep some more.

july16-i had oatmeal for breakfast *yum* i drank my medicine & fell asleep. just stayed at home. chikahan session w/ mah sis!;p

july17-woke up really late! waaah!!! headache!:c did not attend mass cos i was asleep again. watched korean movie "dollmaster". Asteeg.. =p

it was indeed a LOOOOONNNGGGG week. i'll start w/ my training tomorrow. im not nervous but im not excited either. i just hope it's fun. =p

gotta split. =p


Monday, July 11, 2005

not another koreanovela.. =p

attic cat

im such an addict when it comes to koreanovelas. i just really dont know why! im goin' crazy switchin' from one channel to the other just to catch both. i've already blabbed about oh! feel young, so.. another koreanovela that im crazy about is "attic cat" which stars kim rae won & jung da-bin. why was i curious about this koreanovela? well,maybe because i've watched previous movies of both lead stars & well,i consider both their movies my favorites so watchin' them together would be like--F-U-N. and it was not disappointing. both characters are effective in their role. the plot is cool. the scenes are totally hilarious. there are touching moments as well. kilig factor is way up high. =p im totally into this koreanovela. too bad,it's the same time as oh! feel young.. i missed some of the scenes. *sniff*
btw,have i mentioned kim rae won is such a cutie?! =p
check him out:


Thursday, July 07, 2005

"oH!!! fEeL yOuNg.."

cast of oh!feel young

addictus na tlga me sa koreanovelas.. ahehe! i'm currently into "oh!feel young". sobrang nkakatuwa ung story! hindi me mkkatulog hangga't di ko to npapanood. di msyado kagwapuhan ung lead star pero ang ganda ng story. oh! feel young is very realistic, it can make me laugh & cry all at the same time. pkiramdam ko nga nrramdaman ko ung mga nararamdaman ni phil young, sobrang tagus-tagusan. ahehe! pero pwamiz, ilang beses nkong pinaluha ng series na to, ang ganda kc ng mga lines na binibitawan ng mga characters. d ko nman actually love tong series na to, to prove that wla pa nga akong namimiss na episode..ahehe! convinced kna ba na gnun cia kaganda?! ;p cge,see for yourself nlang..
gotta bouUncE! ;p


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

..buhos pa ulan..

misery is what i feel
..bUhos na uLan aking mUndo'y luNUring tuLuyan..

"sarap sabayan ng pagluha ang buhos ng ulan. pakiramdam mo kase hindi ka nag-iisa. pakiramdam mo lumuluha rin ang kalangitan.ang sarap umiyak lalo na cguro pag nasa ilalim ka ng ulan, walang makakahalata, walang makakakita. nararamdaman mo ang lamig ng bawat patak katulad ng nararamdaman ng puso mo. para bang nagkakaisa ang damdamin niyo. pakiramdam mo may kahati ka sa pighati, sa sakit, sa kalungkutan. sige, ulan... buhos pa, sana kasabay ng pagtila mo ay ang pagtigil ng mga luha ko. sana kasabay ng pagtila mo ay mabaon na din sa limot ang mga alaalang nagpapalamig sa puso ko. sana kasabay ng pagtila mo ay ang pagsikat ng isang bagong umagang punong puno ng pag-asa. isang bagong bukas na maghahatid ng panibagong pag-ibig. isang bagong araw na magbibigay saya...

tigil na... tahan na... :c"
knina pa bumubuhos ang ulan,ayan tuloy nagkaroon ako ng inspirasyon. naging makata na nman ako..*haay* sana eto na huling sad post ko. pero alam ko ang layo pa ng 'paglalakbay' ko sa paglimot ng nakaraan. cge na...


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